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California Health Insurance

Obtaining affordable and reliable health insurance plan in California has become a major task for every individual, family or business. If you are looking to get a California health insurance plan at affordable prices then this is your 1 stop shop to compare health insurance plans with all major California health insurance companies, and get a health insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.

When you contact First Eagle Insurance Services, suddenly this major task of shopping for an affordable health insurance becomes a very small task, because we do the shopping for you. We will help you obtain instant online quotes for every health insurance plan with every California health insurance carrier such as Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Aetna, Kaiser, Pacificare, United Healthcare, etc... in few seconds. We will provide a health insurance proposal with side-by-side comparison of several health insurance plans, we will provide answers to all your health insurance questions, and help you submit your health insurance application in a matter of few minutes.

Not only we help you get a health insurance plan but we monitor all the changes in the California health insurance industry and we inform you of any change that is related to your health insurance needs, so you will always have the best possible health insurance plan available in California health insurance market.

And best of all, we provide this comprehensive service at no addition cost to you. You will be paying the same health insurance premium whether you use our services, or just apply directly to any of these California health insurance carriers to obtain your health insurance plan. Another words we provide this service to you free of charge. That is how California health insurance companies operate, they charge you the same premium whether you use health insurance broker or not.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans: Individual and Family, Child Only, Senior Health Plans, Dental and Vision Insurance, 
           Group Health Insurance Plans.