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Group Health Coverage

Employee benefits are the essential part of every successful business. For most employers the difficult part of choosing group health coverage is the researching process. The complicated process of checking details of each plan's coverage and offerings--and that's exactly what we help you do. We are not affiliated with any particular health insurance provider, so we are able to offer you clear, honest, and unbiased information. Our online service makes it easy to review available services, co-pays, policy limits, pharmacy benefits and much more. Our instant quoting tools allow you to get the exact cost and premium brake downs of every available health insurance coverage instantly.

The benefit of working with us is not our online tools but the personal advice and expertise of our knowledgeable benefits specialists. We know that you have many important tasks during your daily activities, and that group health coverage is the last thing in your list. This is why our benefits specialists will work hard for you to choose the best possible group health coverage, and will process the required paperwork. We help you select and maintain the best group health coverage within all insurance carriers available. Your assigned benefit specialist reviews your health insurance coverage needs every year and recommends any necessary plan changes. These personal services are offered to you free of charge. Health insurance industry is structured in a way that whether you work with the insurance company directly or through a health insurance broker, you pay the same premium. So why not have an unbiased specialist that represents you, not the insurance company, to help you in every step of the way in obtaining and maintaining your group health insurance coverage.

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