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Blue Cross California Health Insurance

Blue Cross of California is poised to meet all of your health-care needs. No matter if you are an individual or an employer looking for group benefits, rest assured that California Blue Cross can help you get the convenience of affordable health care along with great service.

With California Blue Cross health insurance you'll find a range of medical, dental, and life and disability plans to meet your needs. In addition, you can enjoy other benefits such as the pharmacy, vision, over-the-counter services and Value-Added programs. Blue Cross of CA wants to make sure that all your health-care needs are met.

California Blue Cross offers affordable dental plans for both individuals and their eligible dependents as well as large groups. You can use our website to comparison shop among the Blue Cross of CA Dental Select HMO plans and the PPO Dental plan from the BC Life and Health Company.

Blue Cross of California knows that you care about the long-term care and welfare of your family, and they want you to make sure your family has financial protection in a life and death emergency. Because of this, they offer life and disability insurance via the Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company in California.

Not only does California Blue Cross insurance offer a variety of health care plans suitable for all budgets and needs, but they also offer fantastic Pharmacy services. You can receive prescription drug benefits through the WellPoint NextRx.

Vision coverage is also handled by Blue Cross health insurance. You can check out Blue View Vision, Blue Cross of CA's proprietary vision plans, on our website.

Over-the-counter medicines are available at competitive prices with Blue Cross health insurance. Our provider is PrecisionRx, which is a mail-service over-the-counter pharmacy. This provides the convenience of mail-order shopping along with the best prices available. Here you'll discover products for diabetes, allergies, heart and circulation, as well as products geared toward seniors health-care needs.

Blue Cross California health insurance also provides Value-Added programs for its members. Here you can find the popular Blue Cross Healthy Extensions, Special program for PPO members, and Special Program for HMO members. All of these extra programs provided by Blue Cross of California help to provide you with better medical care and a better California health insurance value.

Whether you are an individual or an employer interested in group-health benefits, California health insurance provided through Blue Cross of CA will help you promote a healthy way of life at an affordable price.

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